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What is the best hour of the day to post a new blog?

Answer by Christian Verdú:

I agree with Samantha Collier.
This being said, if you want to run your own experiments, you can find out about your blog´s audience implementing Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics/). GoSquared (http://www.gosquared.com/) and GetClicky (http://getclicky.com/), if you´d rather go for real-time analytics, both offer a free plan. That is, if you´re blog is self-hosted or your hosting provider allows for insertion of a tracking code. This should give you an idea of when it´s best to publish.
As for communicationg about your post in social media, Hootsuite (http://www.hootsuite.com), for instance, will allow you track clicks and retweets for your tweets and find out what time works best. I recommend you schedule tweets at different hours (Hootsuite allows scheduling as well) and see which works best.

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What is the best hour of the day to post a new blog?

Answer by Samantha Collier:

I post my new blog entries around 3 am because most people check their readers first thing in the morning – sort of like the morning paper. 

The above chart can be found at: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2010/12/06/whens-the-best-time-to-publish-blog-posts/

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Is it smart to hedge against a collapse of the financial system?

Answer by Anonymous:

You have two questions here:

1) What are the odds that the entire market goes to hell in our lifetimes?

Everybody has their own opinion, but since you're asking me:

The way Americans make, save, and spend money, and the manner in which we our taxed will probably be vastly different 20 years from now. That said, I doubt we'll abandon a currency system.

Will it get ugly? Probably. Will it all go to hell? Probably not.

2) Is it worth "diversifying" into a contingency plan for that situation?

If you're asking if it's worth it to invest your money into a contingency plan that would give you a money return in a world where money has no value, I would say no.

If the goal of your contingency plan is to be prepared for a post-zombie-apocalyptic world, then I assume you're asking if you should stock up on things like water, non-perishable food, and weapons. Whether or not you want to take the "doomsday preppers" route is up to you, but personally I'm not too worried about it.

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Is there any Mathematical Model assessing Cost/Benefits of Financial System Regulation?

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How systemic risk spreads through a financial system?

Answer by Scott Hoover:

I'm not sure that "spreads" is the most accurate description of how systematic risk affects the market. It is more about simultaneous impact than it is about something that gets propagates through the market. Consider the risk associated with higher inflation and suppose that the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve makes public comments suggesting that higher inflation is imminent. Higher inflation triggers higher interest rates, which in turn are bad for most stocks. Because of this, the Chairman's comments cause investors to be less likely to buy stocks and more likely to buy other investments that are less negatively impacted by higher inflation. The result is net selling in the stock market and net buying in some other markets. Thus, the stock market would tend to drop in the aftermath of the Chairman's comments.

One interesting aspect of systematic risk is that it affects different assets in different ways. News of higher inflation would be good news for companies that benefit from higher interest rates, so stock in those companies might increase value. This basic idea that different assets have different sensitivities to market risk is at the core of the well-known Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). Although the applicability of the CAPM to real-world situations is a matter of debate, the intuition behind it is sound. Those interested in learning more about systematic risk should begin by exploring the CAPM.

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What’s the best payment system to use for international transactions?

Answer by Faisal Khan:

Although various payment systems will process oversea card payments, one the best experience I have had in this regard is 2CheckOut (www.2checkout.com). The only downside it that they are expensive. This, I am assuming you want to "receive" payments via credit cards.

Paypal has a large coverage map, however, it still has a very restricted market, outside of the US, of users who can pay out (versus receiving money).

Depending where you are, China's Unionpay is also a great option to look at.

If you transaction volume hold weight, you might want to check with the merchant services offered by HSBC.

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What electronic payment systems are in use around the world?

Answer by Liz O'Donnell:

In addition to the list of private companies offering global payment solutions, don't forget that many countries have their own highly efficient electronic payment systems as part of their banking systems. Electronic funds transfer or direct debit systems are highly common for ecommerce in Germany and to a lesser degree, Australia, to name two major countries. China and Japan also have their own dynamics.

PayPal is great as a single option and for many countries, it's fine as the only option.  But if your goal is to go deep into a particular country, you'll often want to/have to incorporate a local payment method as well.

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What electronic payment systems are in use around the world?

Answer by Ben Dyer:

It really depends on where the merchants acquiring bank is. There are literally thousands of Payment Service Providers (PSPs) all over the world so creating a list is quite the task.

Looking at my company, Actinic, we have our own PSP as well as connect to PayPal, Google Checkout, NETBANX, HSBC, SecureHosting, PayPoint.net, WorldPay, NOCHEX, Sage Pay, EcomMerchant, SecureTrading…. and thats just a handful of available PSPs!

There are also services that allow people to complete an online transaction but pay offline, which while not strictly a PSP would need inclusion to your list.

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Is there a mobile payment system that can be combined with foursquare?

Answer by Aaron Greenspan:

Foursquare could presumably integrate with any payment system it wanted to. PayPal has had APIs available for years; Authorize.Net has facilitated online transactions via credit card for a decade, Venmo has a peer-to-peer system that's receiving a lot of hype, etc. The real question is whether or not it would do any good without additional POS integration to keep track of transaction data.

POS integration is difficult and expensive, and it's something we're working on quite seriously as part of our efforts with FaceCash. It's true that Foursquare could integrate with FaceCash just as it could with anyone else, but the way we see it, why bother "checking in" at all when you could simply note (publicly if desired) that you just paid for something? In that case, the payment system suddenly makes the value of check-in services questionable in the first place.

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Will Braintree payment system integrate with WordPress?

Answer by Robert Oswald:

Some merchants have had success using Cake-PHP to integrate a
WordPress site with our API:


There was another extension recently built by a client of ours.  This one specifically for WooCommerce (a shopping cart for WordPress).

Braintree does not directly support either of these plugins nor any plugins for
WordPress. You may find support on any blog or forum associated with
these plugins.

WordPress does run on PHP, which is one of our API's supported
languages. So you may want to make your own integration with
WordPress. Please find the documentation for the PHP API below to
assist you in your integration:


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