Electronic Payment Devices (Appstar Financial ! Appstar Reviews)

Appstar Financial is a leader in the electronic payments industry. Appstar Financial has excellent reviews/ratings in electronic payment processing services, careers growth and Job opportunities. Hiring procedure at Appstar is high level. Appstar has successfully assisted Career / Jobs hundreds of people that entered the business with little or no industry experience.

What electronic payment systems are in use around the world?

Answer by Ben Dyer:

It really depends on where the merchants acquiring bank is. There are literally thousands of Payment Service Providers (PSPs) all over the world so creating a list is quite the task.

Looking at my company, Actinic, we have our own PSP as well as connect to PayPal, Google Checkout, NETBANX, HSBC, SecureHosting, PayPoint.net, WorldPay, NOCHEX, Sage Pay, EcomMerchant, SecureTrading…. and thats just a handful of available PSPs!

There are also services that allow people to complete an online transaction but pay offline, which while not strictly a PSP would need inclusion to your list.

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