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How do the online payment systems Braintree and Stripe compare?

Answer by Anonymous:

1. One difference between Braintree and Stripe is possibly related to PCI compliance burden. Both are safe but slightly different.
Read what Braintree calls: Client-side Encryption. If I understand Stripe correctly, what Stripe does is the "Transparent Re-direct" option in Braintree, i.e., data is directly sent from your customer's web browser to a Stripe server, and then tokenized data is sent to your server. Braintree offers three options: server to server (customer's web browser sends data to your server and your server contacts Braintree to process the payment), Transparent Redirect (like Stripe), and client side encryption. They claim that client side encryption combines the best of the other options. This is a change after their acquisition of LivingSocial.
I tried the Braintree tutorial with client side encryption (its the first tutorial called "getting paid"). Pretty straightforward. That said, I think Stripe is secure as well and will reduce your PCI burden as much as Braintree. It may lack some of the flexibility of Braintree client side encryption.
2. Another difference that Braintree claims is that client side encryptions allows processing payments asynchronously. That can be done in Stripe by storing the customer credit card information (on Stripe servers). On Braintree, it seems one can do that even if not storing customer cards. Not sure how.
I chose Braintree because its .Net API is officially supported while it is a 3rd party add-on for Stripe.

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