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What are some $10B+ markets ripe for disruption?

Answer by Alexandra Damsker:

any industry over 100 yrs old.  soon that will be reduced to 50, then 25.

Taking antiquated industries rife with opportunities for corruption, middlemen, and slow chains between creator and consumer will generate massive change and profits in any relevant industries.  Be warned:  there are many who will fight the change.  (re: all of the intermediaries who will lose in a new, streamlined industry.  If confused, see basically all of Office Space.  All of those people.)

If I may, and I've no wish to offend the many intelligent and helpful entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors (both current and future) on this forum, but if there could be some sort of relief from the endless drowning of conferences, investors, VCs and even educational foci on anything labeled "tech" "medical technology" "green" "SAAS," "cloud,""social networking," etc.  Many of these areas have no companies with proven returns, and others have built in obsolescence that exceeds the prototyping period.  Please, please – consider, for a moment, not worrying about missing out on the next sexy thing.  Look at businesses that are innovative in other areas, consider focusing "sexy" areas at the areas that naturally support them (economies are breaking into a new regionalism, and it's been trending that way for years).  Businesses that genuinely solve problems, with resources to support growth plentiful in the area of placement are all worth looking at (eg, if you're interested in alternate energy, stick with the oceanside firms building huge turnbines in the constant currents.  Look at distributors where a preponderance of warehouses exist unless they deal with consumers who store inventory instead of JIT (though I suspect the only ones who do that involves elves and a highly seasonal business…)).

Thanks very much for considering this.  Again, no offense intended – there's certainly enough money out there for all of us.

Kind regards,

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