Electronic Payment Devices (Appstar Financial ! Appstar Reviews)

Appstar Financial is a leader in the electronic payments industry. Appstar Financial has excellent reviews/ratings in electronic payment processing services, careers growth and Job opportunities. Hiring procedure at Appstar is high level. Appstar has successfully assisted Career / Jobs hundreds of people that entered the business with little or no industry experience.

How does a payment process in a marketplace work?

Answer by Nihit Nirmal:

PayUMoney has launched an automated settlement engine for Marketplaces. The service is currently for Indian aggregators only.
It allows you to:

  • Register your merchant as per RBI guidelines
  • Allowing marketplaces to split a transaction into suborders (at respective item level) so that they all map to respective sellers.
  • Controls to settle the accounts as per the aggregator's contract with the seller.
  • Decide the commission at every transaction/ seller level.
  • Settlements happen within 2 days after the marketplace/aggregator has called the settlement event for a subseller,

How does a payment process in a marketplace work?


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