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How Large Is The Market For Face Recognition And Object Recognition?

How large is the #market for face recognition and object recognition? #appstar

Answer by Pierre Moreels:

Some products from your daily life already use computer vision – for example, all recent digital cameras have face detection, and almost all checks read in the banking industry use advanced check readers based on neural networks. Face and object recognition is difficult and still in early stages – challenges are the variety of faces and expressions, changes in hairstyle / makeup etc,, difficult lighting conditions. Right now reliable object recognition is more or less limited to flat objects, like books/CD covers, movie posters, and other stuff with written text or patterns with good contrast. Recognizing age, ethnicity and smile vs. angry are fairly well established techniques. Recognizing identity reliably under variable lighting conditions will still take many years.

How large is the market for face recognition and object recognition?


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