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Is There Any Motivation To Succeed In Business Stronger Then Coming From Nothing?

I wouldn’t say so… studies show there are 2 kinds of motivation prevention focused and promotion ..

Post by Sam Joel:

I wouldn’t say so… studies show there are 2 kinds of motivation prevention focused and promotion focused – Read more: Are You Promotion or Prevention-Focused?

People with promotion focus are motivated by achievement… if they do well, they try harder, if you praise them they get extra boost.

People with prevention focus are motivated by preventing failure… if you remind them they can fail they work harder and if you criticise them they get extra boost.

Studies show that both perform equally well.

So a person with a better starting point (successful parents etc.) might be motivated to achieve more or prevent being failure … as well as the person who started from nothing.

However, it’s not the motivation that determines the success… it’s your work ethic and discipline… motivation burns out fast and most people quit when that happens. However discipline and work ethic keeps you going and with the progress the real motivation builds up. It looks like this:

From my experience, I have learned that people who had successful parents (regardless of are of success) or grew up in a favourable environment generally have a better work ethic.

Likewise, from my experience, if your parents were underachievers you are more likely (not always) to have inner self-doubts that hold you back… E.g. some friends of mine whose parents were entrepreneurs find it much more easy or natural to start a business or cold-call a customer as they’ve observed it’s a normal thing… my parents were the ones happy they have jobs and very risk averse, so naturally there was a much higher fear element when I started and much more self-doubt to overcome… (but I did)

So I would say, environment matters… but not so much whether your parents are wealthy but rather having positive models around you when you grow up is what matters.

PS: I am not a big fan of calling others ‘privileged’ – you either believe external factors determine your success or you determine it…. whatever is true the latter will get you further in life…

Is there any motivation to succeed in business stronger then coming from nothing?


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