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Appstar Financial is a leader in the electronic payments industry. Appstar Financial has excellent reviews/ratings in electronic payment processing services, careers growth and Job opportunities. Hiring procedure at Appstar is high level. Appstar has successfully assisted Career / Jobs hundreds of people that entered the business with little or no industry experience.

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How To Choose A Credit Card And Payment Processing Company/Service

Taking your business online is highly recommended these days, and if your business involves in sales and purchase process then an online version of your business can boost up revenue. If you plan to accept payments online, you’ll certainly need a payment processing gateway. And selecting the right processing solution is not that easy, as lot of things are to be considered before according to your business needs and the available option.

Here are some points you need to consider before go for a payment processing company.

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1) Company History And Background

Its all about payments, so better go with a company with good background and loyal customer base. In most of the cases, an old company has a great record and can be trusted for your requirement. Since you can not trust on new companies easily.

2) Rates And Changes

Some companies charges too much for the payment services, While others charge lesser. The Per transaction changes, Interchange fees, monthly fees, Application and setup fees are the types of charges.

Interchange Fees:- These are fee charged for every transaction, as a commission,The paid by  the payment processing company to the bank, And the rates depend upon many factors including type of card, type of payment or transaction, and amount of transaction.

Monthly Fees:- Monthly statements fee, minimum fee and monthly gateway fee are changed by the processing company. The monthly gateway fee is actually the service charge.

Application and setup fee:-This is one time fee that needs to be paid before setting up the service and facilities for accepting payments. Then there is an annual fee also, which may be considered an maintainence fee.

Easily Termination Fee:-The companies basically keep a high price as early termination or cancellation charge.

 Types Of Payment Supported

you must consider the company with more payment processing options like the online gateway, echecks and digital money, so that you’ll always have options to try a new solution.

appstar bbb

You can go for any BBB accredited company like Appstar Finance, that offers a wide range of payment services. A renowned payment service provider of U.S. that started its operation 14 years ago. Appstar is a leader in check services, credit processing ,Debit processing,etc.


How Electronic Check Payment Processing Work

With the new technologies emerging everyday, the payment processing technique has taken different forms. Everything went online from depositing money in banks to paying a merchant, and now the bank cheques too. Echeck are electronic conversion of paper checks, with faster processing.

Echeck’s first biggest benefit is the faster processing that saves lot of time for both parties, the payer and receiver. Another advantage is ontime checking, the problem of check bounce can no longer be an issue for merchant since the process is done at same time so it is safe.

echecks are a three step process that starts with customer or clients paper check. Here is the process in detail:

Request Authorization From Customers

Payers first issues the check while buying or purchasing items. The reader captures the image of the check with all important numbers on it including check numbers, payee name, date of issue etc. Additional relevant information are added about the merchants. After at this point the final authorization is taken from the customer.


2.All the data are sent through the payment gateway to the bank for verification and once the bank approves the transaction, the fund can be transferd.

3.The payment comes to the merchants accounts within 48hours (of business days). The payment statement can be seen on both payer’s and payee’s bank statement.

echecks are one of the finest payment processing solution these days that eliminates the requirement of taking checks to banks, No checks deposit slips to complete and no chances of checks being lost.

Appstar Financial eCheck Service

When it comes to choose the right echeck service, Appstar Finance stands out as the best provider. As a payment processing company, it is being used by thousands of merchants. Appstar echeck are meant for all merchants looking for safe and reliable payment processing option.Its secure chex check services offers four different services namely guaranteed conversion, check conversation, check guarantee and check verification. Apart from the echeck payment service the company does provide other services including credit card processing, debit card processing and payment processing euipment services as well.

Discover Installments And A Second Trader Account In AppStar Financial Review

Before, vendors would regularly have one dealer account that would handle Visa, MasterCard and Discover installments and a second trader account at a higher rate to handle American Express exchanges. Under the new American Express OptBlue® system, AppStar’s vendors will now appreciate one store and one articulation as opposed to managing different stores and explanations, streamlining the dealer’s bookkeeping process. Also, traders have the capacity to contact AppStar Financial with their client benefit needs as opposed to going to American Express to determine issues that emerge amid business operations.


The System Was Naturally Joined Into AppStar’s Extensive Shipper

In a late declaration, there has been an AppStar Financial Review that educated every one of their vendors that they can now acknowledge American Express installments generally as they acknowledge installments through Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The system was naturally joined into AppStar’s extensive shipper administrations accounts with no compelling reason to round out any extra research material for the OptBlue® program, nor is there any extra cost unless and until American Express exchanges are prepared by the seller. No extra set up is required for existing vendors utilizing AppStar’s project.

Comparable Cost As Other Charge Card Brands

The OptBlue® system is accessible to vendors acquiring under one million dollars of yearly American Express deals income, opening up the installment procedure to numerous traders who have discovered tolerating installment through American Express to be excessively troublesome or too immoderate previously. Traders are currently ready to acknowledge American Express cards without hardly lifting a finger and comparable cost as other charge card brands while disentangling their records receivable procedure with one store, one explanation, and one client administration contact for all card brands brought through AppStar. The traders will have the capacity to achieve more clients and give extra installment alternatives, which they have not possessed the capacity to do before, while in the meantime driving consumer loyalty and expanding business. AppStar Financial is putting forth the OptBlue® program at a tantamount expense to comparable Visa or MasterCard card handling as of now offered to its traders, with rates layered to exchange sums to help little business shippers save money on operational expenses. which has been recently in the  AppStar Financial Review

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